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The Alliance for Global Consciousness (AGC) is an affiliation of like-minded organizations whose objective is to elevate their service to humankind and advance the evolution of their work, both individually and collectively, while moving further toward a shared purpose:


The transformation of human consciousness across the globe. 


Founding members of the AGC inaugurated the Alliance in 2015 during collaboration that resulted in the creation of the AGC's mission: 


Connecting Humankind through Experiencing Expanded Awareness. 


To that end, along with newer members, Worldview Enterprises, GlideWing Productions and IONS, the AGC initiated a strong collective effort to assist its member organizations to become more vigorous and effective in the mutual exploration, understanding, and positive applications of consciousness.


Browse our website, visit each organization's page, and check out our events. We expect you will be inspired to participate!


Welcome to the adventure,

Founding Members



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